Review: The Night Watch by WJ May

ThenIghtwatchThe Night Watch: A Vampire Paranormal Romance
(Blood Red Series Book 2)
by W.J. May

What if courage was your only option?

Having been forced into a new world, Kallie find herself surrounded by vampires. With her father being the victim of continued brutal attacks by his own kind, she’s desperate for help.

Liam, the city’s top detective, and a Blue Blood refuses, the situation officially out of his hands and not his problem.

A Red Blood vampire, Caleb, steps up and has sworn to protect her, but is ineffective at stopping the violence of his people.

When the raging feud between the Red Bloods and Blue Bloods spills into her home, Kallie is forced in the middle of it. Torn between love and family loyalty, she must find the courage to fight what she fears the most and risk everything, even if it means losing herself in the process.


★★★★☆ : Great! I liked this book!

While I had lots of questions from the first book Courage Runs Red, I’m glad most of them were answered in this sequel, The Night Watch. Finally, the readers were enlightened about Caleb and the Rogues, and about Liam and the Blue Bloods.

Kallie had asked for help from the two feuding vampires and she got more than she bargained for. She learned about her true heritage but she was blindsided. She put her trust with the one she thought could help her father, but in the end, she realized she must sacrifice herself and deal with the vampires with the help of another.

Again, WJ May had concocted a paranormal series that is engaging and full of twists. This is not at all what I expected in a vampire book. Mystifying, intriguing, blood-draining. The Night Watch is a must read, even though it ends in a cliffhanger. For me, this kind of endings make me more excited to read the next book!


W.J. May grew up in the fruit belt of Ontario. Crazy-happy childhood, she always has had a vivid imagination and loads of energy.

After her father passed away in 2009, from a six-year battle with cancer (which she still believes he won the fight against), she began to write again. A passion she’d loved for years, but realized life was too short to keep putting it off.

She is a writer of Young Adult, Fantasy Fiction and where ever else her little muses take her.

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