Review: Certain Sure

CertainSureCertain Sure
by Reina M. Williams

A modern Cinderella story with an Irish twist

Can her dreams come true with the help of some unlikely fairy godpeople?

Katie Dillon doesn’t believe in dreams and fairy tales. She has a plan for her life, which doesn’t include falling for charmer Fin Dunbar–again. But while caring for her niece, Katie realizes Fin and her dreams might be just what she needs. When family secrets, old arguments, and new feelings cause Katie and Fin to clash, they have to decide whether their love is make-believe or certain sure.


★★★☆ : Nice! A good and okay read.

I got this book when I was looking for Cinderella themed stories. My hopes were up with Certain Sure, however, as I perused the pages, I couldn’t connect with the characters. Katie wasn’t being taken seriously by her own father. Fin was considered the bad guy in the family; his brother Fergus was married to a bitter wife, Maureen who was Katie’s sister. And then there’s their aunt who was in-love with Fin’s father but married to another. I thought it was melodramatic ala soap opera kind of story.

I was a bit confused to find a family of messed up merry-go-rounders. Her father married another woman he was not in-love with, her prince charming was a ladies man, and their families were tangled up in a web of sordid love affairs.

The ending was a little twisted but entertaining. That’s one of the major reasons why I liked it because it sounded more about Rose’s life. In the end, I realized, Rose was a character worth reading.

about authorR

Reina M. Williams loves period dramas, sweet reads, fairy tales, cooking and baking. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her two boys, who hope to someday take a research trip to England with their mom.

Look for a new series of sweet contemporary romances in 2015–The Rancho Valle series! Love, family, friendship, and other joys and complications in a close-knit Northern California town.

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