Review: Little Love Affair by Lexy Timms

Little Love AffairLittle Love Affair: Civil War Romance
(Southern Romance Series Book 1)
by Lexy Timms

synopsKnox Township, August 1863.
Sentiments are running high following the battle of Gettysburg, and although the draft has not yet come to Knox, “Bloody Knox” will claim lives the next year as citizens attempt to avoid the Union draft. Clara’s brother Solomon is missing, and Clara has been left to manage the family’s farm, caring for her mother and her younger sister, Cecelia.

Meanwhile, wounded at the battle of Monterey Pass but still able to escape Union forces, Jasper and his friend Horace are lost and starving. Jasper wants to find his way back to the Confederacy, but feels honor-bound to bring Horace back to his family, though the man seems reluctant.

NOTE: This is romance series, book 1 of 3 . All your questions will not be answered in the first book.


★★★★★: Awesome!!! I really loved this book! (Highly recommended)

Clara Dalton knew his brother was still alive. A year after Solomon Dalton was drafted to the battle of Monterey Pass, there had been reports that he had died and would never return to his family. Such was the grief that Clara and her family had suffered. But she still hoped to see her brother soon. She believed he would come back to them, because he promised he would.

Jasper Perry promised himself that he would do everything to help his comrade, Horace, get back to his home. Horace had helped him unconditionally during the war, and to repay his kindness, Jasper vowed to bring back his wounded friend to his family. Emotions are built up when he was spotted by Cecelia, Clara’s sister, in the woods. Though he knew he was embarking on the enemy’s territory, he still sought and asked for Clara’s help.

Tried as she might to stay away from him, she couldn’t just let this man go. So she helped him in any way she can, and in return, he would work as a farmhand until his friend’s condition got better.

But what they both didn’t anticipate was falling in love. Two people with different beliefs, under separate alliances, with differing personalities and had different credence in protecting their own country. One was a slave, the other an opportunist. War was brewing between them. War of hearts, war of faith. How would this battle end?

This had been the first civil war novel I’ve read after a long time. I used to steer clear from stories of war and battles because I couldn’t fathom the hurt and pain that the soldiers and families endure during those trying times. But when I learned of this book, Little Love Affair by Lexy Timms, I decided to deviate from reading contemporary romances and learn more about the civil war.

And it was really a great book! It was quite fast-paced but it was written in a way that the reader gets easily drawn to the characters and rooting for them as the chapters go by. The story ends in a cliffhanger, so I am already anxious to read what happens next to Jasper and Clara.

Lexy Timms did a great job describing the war as it existed in Knox. She does this thing like putting the reader in a trance, making you think that there was a strong probability of the circumstances the characters had been through, and then when you reach the end, you will be left wanting to know more. I won’t be surprised if one day, I’ll be craving for more Lexy Timms stories in my kindle.



Lexy Timms is a mom, business woman, dreamer and writer. She finally decided to write her first romance novel and Saving Forever is her debut story.

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3 thoughts on “Review: Little Love Affair by Lexy Timms

  1. Thanks for the fantastic review!
    If you ever feel the need to read more by Lexy, be sure and let her know! She’s mainly writes contemporary romance 😉

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