Review: HUGS by Clink Roslam

HugsHUGS: A Short Story of Indifference

synopsSeventeen year old Marcia Fulton and her three siblings have a problem. They cannot tolerate the apparent neediness of their mother as she continually presses them for a show of affection. Their refusal brings more pleas from Mom, and with all this pushing and pulling, the whole thing ends up in a humorous yet poignant bang in this short story farce, told by Marcia herself.

myrev★★★★★: Awesome!!! I really loved this book! (Highly recommended)

Marcia Fulton tells a story about how her mom occasionally complains and shamelessly asks them to love her back. Their mom merely wants to get a hug every now and then. To which Marcia and her family decline to do. They think their mom was just craving attention so they’re having none of her whims. Until the day her mom leaves them an article about Hugs, and how this simple gesture can make a huge impact in one’s life.

Marcia, instead of showing a little love, makes things worse by replacing Hugs with Hogs on the article. Little did they know that this act will break their mom’s heart.

I got sentimental after reading this short story. Marcia Fulton’s mom reminded me of myself a few years ago when I thought my kids and hubby didn’t appreciate what I do for them. Admittedly, at that time, there were moments when I felt ignored, especially when everyone was busy minding their own businesses. Looking back, I craved for attention even for just a hug or two. But then I realized, they’re on their “growing-up” stage, the time when they started getting conscious about themselves.

So, I read this book with my kids, I wasn’t looking at them because my eyes were kind of watery while I was reading. When the story was finished, it’s only then I realized both my sons were sniffling; they were controlling their tears. When I asked them what they learned, the floodgates were opened and both my boys hugged me so tight, I thought I wouldn’t be able to breathe again.

Clink Roslam is an effective storyteller. He had me and my kids crying with a simple yet powerful story. Hugs made us contemplate about life being short. He made my kids realized that a simple hug can brighten my day. If you are looking for something that will have your kids hugging you back and your husband/wife kissing you endlessly, this is the perfect read! HUGS is a highly recommended family book!


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