Chastity Black by Tay Lawrence

Chastity Black (Complete Box Set)ChastityBlack
Undercover Agent for the British Secret Service
by Tay Lawrence

Introducing, a new, strong and independent heroine of contemporary romance – Chastity Black

Armed, dangerous and licensed to thrill.

She’s not a girl men would cross swords with and expect to win, but Chastity Black is only interested in getting the job done. A secret Agent for MI5, Chastity has seen her fair share of trouble, but now it’s personal. After her younger sister is found washed up in the Thames, Chastity sets out to find her killer. Nothing is what it seems, and more is at stake than she first imagined. Working undercover at one of London’s premier Escort Agencies, Chastity takes it on herself to delve deep into the world of the high class escort and uncover the real reason her sister was murdered.

Determined to bring her sister’s killer to justice, Chastity must infiltrate the ranks of the rich and powerful, and avoid the Police Detective assigned to her sister’s case from finding out her true identity.

myrevChastity Black was on an undercover mission, to solve the mystery of her sister Connie’s death. She believed E. Escort Agency had something to do with her sister’s murder, and she was hell-bent in searching for the truth and justice. So she decided to join the escort service.

This job proved to be quite daunting and very dangerous for Chas. With the help of her friend Hugo, she’s one step getting closer and closer to the truth. She mingled, she flirted, she took control. Until her employers discover that there was an impostor in their midst.

She thought they’d finally found out who she really was when Ms Bainbridge informed her and the other escorts about a “mole” or traitor. Turned out, there was really someone else who wanted to blow up the prostitution den.

Just when Chastity thought that her cover was safe, the next shocking thing happened. Another casualty, another dead body. And then there’s the intriguing Prince Fakhir and his sex den.

Chastity is running out of time. Is she gonna be the next victim?

What a thrilling ride! I was wide eyed and wide-awake reading Chastity Black’s latest encounter with the people who might have had something to do with her sister’s murder. To say that this had been a surprisingly interesting book is an understatement. Because just when I thought Chastity & I had it all figured out, I found myself cursing and shaking my head in the end.because of the turn of events and the shocking twists this book had offered.

There was a hint of romance brewing for Chastity and Detective Nick, but because of the sensitivity of their jobs, secrets were untold and feelings were suppressed.

I liked how this book was presented in a way that the story gets the reader excited with every chapter and anticipate the next books in the series. Tay Lawrence continues to wow me with this suspense debut. The steamy scenes are an added bonus. I liked how the story ended with closure and a possible new adventure to look forward to. I sincerely hope there are still a lot of books that the author is writing. Looking forward to more Chastity Black stories, too!

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