Review: Jin In Time by Karin De Havin

Jin In Time (Part One)
The Time Is Forever Series Book 1
by Karin De Havin

Spending senior year with the father who abandoned her is the last thing seventeen-year-old Esme wanted. But when her guardian grandmother dies, she has no choice. The only thing she has left of her once happy life is her grandmother’s antique vase—until she discovers it comes with a bowler-hatted genie. Jin guarantees he’ll do whatever it takes to make her happy again.

Esme soon realizes hiding a genie isn’t easy, so she gives Jin a modern makeover and stashes him in the school library. One tiny hiccup—her dad’s the principal. When word spreads that Esme is spending all her free time with a cute British guy, she’s busted, and her dad uses his all-powerful parental authority to ground her. If that’s not enough, she learns her father plans to marry a woman who could win evil-stepmother-of-the-year, and her daughter is the top mean girl at Esme’s new high school.

Esme hopes to turn her luck around now that she has a genie to help her deal with her problems. But she realizes ten wishes aren’t so awesome after all, when she finds out they are powered by Victorian-era magic. And she thought having a genie would be fun.

MyReviewB★★★★☆ : Great! I liked this book!

Esme got the surprise of her life when a genie appeared before her after patting her grandma’s antique vase. Jin, from the Victorian era, offered her ten wishes that could change her life forever. Yay! But there’s one problem. Jin didn’t want to go back to his vase, so Esme had to accompany and hide him most of the time. Not an easy feat, if you ask me. Troubles abounded them, her thoughts of a better and happy life didn’t look so great after all.

It’s been a long time since I last read a story concerning genies. Jin In Time isn’t like any other fantasy books I’ve read. Karin De Havin made sure that this book was not only wonderfully romantic, but she also made the plot feel more alive with quirky characters and several laugh-out-loud scenes. There’s a cliffhanger ending that promises more exciting adventures one would surely love.



Karin De Havin writes Young Adult fantasies as well as New Adult contemporary stories from her timber frame home in the Pacific Northwest. She lives with a pair of tuxedo cats that like to help her write by jumping on the keyboard, and her pianist husband who occasionally is known to wear a tuxedo and tinker with the keyboard too.

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