Review: Oliver and Jumpy Stories 19-21

Oliver and Jumpy 

Stories 19-21

by Werner Stejskal

Story 19: Santa’s Chocolate Factory – Naughty Joey is getting into mischief.

Story 20: Triller – On of Oliver’s friends is taking part in a singing contest.

Story 21: April Volcano – April Fools’ Day can be no joke.


★★★★★: Awesome!!! I really loved this book! (Highly recommended)

Another wonderfully written and visually entertaining kiddie book that my children love! Oliver and Jumpy are back, and they got their friends with them as they went to Santa’s Chocolate Factory, the Fairy Queen’s castle and into the volcano!!!

I think I can safely say that this latest edition of Oliver & Jumpy’s book is my boys’ most favorite! First of all, who doesn’t Santa? Lots of candies and chocolates were inside Santa’s Factory, and Oliver had a great time munching these sweet goodies! But Joey, Jumpy’s son had gone missing! Oh no…

In Triller, Oliver’s singing bird auditioned at the Fairy Queen’s castle. But something happened to our dear bird.. His voice got lost! Oh.. Another Oh no!!

The most exciting story in this edition, that’s according to my kids, is The April Volcano. Everyone was happily making jokes and doing pranks on April Fool’s Day, but they all got scared when a volcano suddenly started flowing lava. Yaiks!

I heard a series of collective Oh No’s while my kids and I read this book. They’re quite a bunch of thrill seekers and Oliver’s stories really get them excited everytime. Plus, he images/illustrations were also brilliant and pleasing to the eyes! Thanks Werner Stejskal for this wonderful story and truly engaging kiddie gem.


Werner Stejskal Born in Vienna, Austria, Werner is now living in the paradise of Perth, Australia with his wife, two married children and three grandchildren. He worked many years in the printing industry and later for the United Nations in Vienna. His wife had been a pen-friend, whom Werner visited in Hong Kong and finally got married to.

After an eventful life, now retired, he began to write children’s stories, had them illustrated through Odesk, narrated them himself for YouTube and finally published the ebooks on most platforms. Eventually there will be 17 books with three stories each in English, before being translated into several other languages. Werner’s dream is to see “Oliver and Jumpy” animated as a TV series.

Check out more about Oliver and Jumpy and more bedtime stories from Werner by going to his website:


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