Title: Unlikely Allies
Author: C.C. Koen

Contemporary Romance
Date Published: June 13, 2015



How long had it been since she had sex? Four, five years?

A sudden hot flash hit her, so she unzipped the hoodie, tossing it on the grass. Her assigned task had been to screw in the bolts, not ogle Mr. Stone. As she attempted to concentrate on what needed to get done, she stretched up on her tiptoes to the end of the pole and secured the nut.

“What the hell, Maggie?”

Startled by the yelling, she dropped the wrench a centimeter from hitting her big toe. As she bent over to pick it up, Mr. Stone shouted and made her jump all over again. “What are you doing?” Before she stood all the way up, he shoved his T-shirt into her face. “Put this on.”

Instead of listening to his order, she swiped her hand across her damp brow, setting it on her temple and blocking the sun.

“Christ, cover yourself up.” He grabbed her other hand, clasped it around the material, and held it closed.

Following the direction of his eyes, she glanced down.

“Forget something, Mags.” Kat’s ribbing hadn’t helped the situation.

Well, since she didn’t know she’d be surrounded by men, she hadn’t given it a second thought when she opted out of wearing a bra. Sometimes on the weekends, she lounged around the house without one. On the small side, a thirty-six B, it wasn’t a big deal on those occasions. Now, with his eyes zeroed in on her rock-hard nipples, she determined that choice hadn’t been a wise decision. Yet, instead of doing what he said, she remained rooted in place, resisting his pull

as he tugged his shirt, and her hand up, trying to cover her. Her libido kicked up to full blast and desire shoved her toward him—to tease, play a little.

“Dammit, Maggie, take this. Put me out of my misery.” His grumbled plea should have been undecipherable since he’d spoken it so low. The huskiness in his voice licked along her spine, and tingles followed as though his lips brushed along her skin from waist to neck.

She loosened her hold, and his hand rose, brushing a knuckle across her nipple, the exact spot he wanted to shield.

Her legs turned to Jell-O. The mushy mass below her hips wouldn’t hold her up any longer. She swayed into him, grabbing hold of his waistband. Their chests beat against each other—his bare, hers begging to be, causing her nipples to harden even more. The coarse hair on his heated thighs scrubbed against her shaved, smooth ones. Her gaze kept wandering from his eyes to his tongue sliding over his bottom lip, moistening the ridges to a glistening, delectable, nibble-him morsel.

She wanted to touch him. No, she needed to. Unable to stop herself, she swept her thumb over his damp belly button, grit and sweat coating the pad of her finger. Each of their bodies called out suck me, go ahead and taste.

“Step back, Maggie. Get away from me, right now,” he groused, his lips closing in, a breath apart from hers. At least a half foot taller, his height difference didn’t matter. He sucked her in with his beautiful eyes that had so many variations of brown, green, and blue in them, she could’ve been gazing in a kaleidoscope. “Last chance.” The warning came out as a soft growl, his lips slicking against hers as he attempted to scare her away.


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