Review: Nine Lives by Karin de Havin

The Katran Legacy Series # 1
by Karin de Havin

synopsisvioletEighteen-year-old Taylor knows two things for sure: ONE: She’s dead. TWO: Heaven looks like a run-down version of the Las Vegas Strip. The more she discovers about a heaven full of teens like her, the more mysterious it becomes—especially when her afterlife coach turns out to be her tyrannical fifth grade teacher.

Plagued by questions her whole life, Taylor finds Heaven prompts even more. Why can’t she remember her death? Why isn’t Heaven the idyllic place she thought it would be? When she dares to ask, her teacher tells Taylor to keep her mouth shut. Everyone knows Heaven is perfect. That’s a lie. What are they trying to hide? Taylor desperately wants to flee this strange place and return to her old life. She’s shocked to find out there’s a possibility her dream can come true. But that chance depends on passing a series of tests in the Afterlife for Idiots Handbook and winning the Cloud Nine Contest. If she fails, will her teacher follow through on her threat and turn Taylor into pond scum?

Taylor tries to solve the mysteries of Heaven as it slowly crumbles around her. While competing in the contest, she learns there are dark forces at work behind the celestial show…and they are after her. This leads to the biggest question of all: Is she the only one who can stop them?

** Warning: This book will end on a cliffhanger. Book 2 picks up where this book ends.**


★★★★☆ : Great! I liked this book!

Taylor woke up dead, with no recollection of how her life had ended. She woke up in Heaven, which might have been Hell all along. Soon, she realized, Heaven wasn’t what it was meant to be. She needed to let go of her emotions, take up the responsibility, and strive to survive in this little Vegas-like celestial place called Heaven.

I enjoyed reading Taylor’s narrative. Imagine waking up to death, at such a young age, and have to ponder how her life has been. And how it was terminated. This book is full of surprises. The characters are unique in their own different ways. One of my favorite Heaven people was Taylor’s fifth grade teacher who was rocking the 80’s psychedelic outfit. She sure rocked heaven with her Helmet hairdo!

I was in for an adventure of a lifetime, in Karin De Havin’s realm. It isn’t the typical story of a girl who woke up and knocked, knocked on Heaven’s door. This book is a treat and Miss De Havin sure knows how to give her readers fun and fantasy rolled into one, with an exciting cliffhanger! Perfect summer read!



Karin De Havin writes Young Adult fantasies as well as New Adult contemporary stories from her timber frame home in the Pacific Northwest. She lives with a pair of tuxedo cats that like to help her write by jumping on the keyboard, and her pianist husband who occasionally is known to wear a tuxedo and tinker with the keyboard too.

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