Review: CHASTITY BLACK by Tay Lawrence

ChastityBlackChastity Black Part 1
Undercover Agent for the British Secret Service
by Tay Lawrence

Introducing, a new, strong and independent heroine of contemporary romance – Chastity Black

Armed, dangerous and licensed to thrill.

She’s not a girl men would cross swords with and expect to win, but Chastity Black is only interested in getting the job done. A secret Agent for MI5, Chastity has seen her fair share of trouble, but now it’s personal. After her younger sister is found washed up in the Thames, Chastity sets out to find her killer. Nothing is what it seems, and more is at stake than she first imagined. Working undercover at one of London’s premier Escort Agencies, Chastity takes it on herself to delve deep into the world of the high class escort and uncover the real reason her sister was murdered.

Determined to bring her sister’s killer to justice, Chastity must infiltrate the ranks of the rich and powerful, and avoid the Police Detective assigned to her sister’s case from finding out her true identity.

myreviewblink★★★★☆ : Great! I liked this book!

What a jaw-dropping cliffhanger! I just love detective stories! For me, people from Secret Services, CIA, undercover agents, cops and the like, I think they all possess the kind of power that make them irresistible. A female secret service is even better!

Chastity Black is on an undercover mission, to solve the mystery of her sister’s death. She believes E. Escort Agency had something to do with her murder, and she’s hell-bent in searching for the truth and justice. So she decides to join the escort service.

This job proves to be quite daunting and very dangerous for Chas. With the help of her friend Hugo, she’s one step getting closer and closer to the truth. She mingles, she flirts, she takes her man and puts everything in action, she takes control. Until her employers discover that there’s an impostor in their midst. Is her cover already blown?

What an exciting first book! I’d love to read the next book right away! I love reading this kind of books, the cliffhanger ones that make the reader sweat and crave for more! The plot was also very well developed and the pacing was fast. Kudos to Tay Lawrence for a job well done!

NOTE: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book.

This is the first installment of the Chastity Black Trilogy

Adult Content Warning: This is erotic fiction with explicit sex scenes


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