Review: WILD LUCK by Chloe Grey


Wild Luck: A New Adult Billionaire Romance
The Vegas Billionaire Obsession Series Book 2
by Chloe Grey


Her Number’s Come Up, and Now She May Have To Choose between Love and Money

Leslie has hit the jackpot! But she can’t find the ticket to the numbers she has played for years. She accuses Drew of stealing it, but he takes it in stride and helps her to track it down so she can fight for what’s rightfully hers.

She begins to see that Drew is really into her, but she’s not fully convinced and decides to keep her promise to Monica and travel to Vegas to celebrate her big win. But when Drew shows up, she doesn’t know what to make of it.

Is Drew’s love for real. or is he after her windfall?

Wild Luck is Book Two of the 3-part Vegas Billionaire Obsession Series.


When Leslie Adams recognized the winning numbers on the lottery, she couldn’t believe her luck! Those were her numbers and her ticket to being a multi-millionaire! And speaking of ticket, now where did she last see it? Oh my, her winning lottery ticket was missing! And she accused Drew, of all people, of stealing it! Now, how could she ever be happy with the man she liked when she couldn’t trust him? Did Drew really steal it?

Becoming a millionaire will definitely boost one’s ego, and Leslie definitely drowns on it. She’s on her way to Las Vegas to have a great time, and of course, a lot of people have surely recognized her and wanted to get ahold of her. She will never who to trust anymore. Even her ex-boyfriend came upon her door the next day she announced her winning! Talk about great timing, huh.

Leslie Adams is a hoot. I think she’s just like us who react so excitedly and sheepishly after learning about our winning. I myself would be so ecstatic and excited and over the moon if I also get that lucky! But of course, there’s always consequences, like dealing with people who suddenly make their presence felt after learning your good fortune. So Leslie had to tread carefully and choose the people to trust.

This had been a really scintillating book 2! I liked the balance of eroticism and drama and little action in this Las Vegas Obsession series. I’m getting to know Drew & Leslie better than ever. Chloe Grey knows how to elevate her readers’ excited feelings with this book. I can’t wait to read Tough Luck!


Hi! Chloe here ๐Ÿ™‚

Who am I? I’m a new adult and college romance fiction author with a passion for steamy billionaire romance stories. I’ve just started sharing my work through independent publishing, and it’s been a real joy.

Outside of writing I do volunteer work, and I especially enjoy watching any sport that involves men trained to run after balls.

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