Review + Excerpt: Kissing Bullets by KZ Riman

KissingBulletsKissing Bullets
(Kissing the Bovaghnian Rogue Series Book 2)
K.Z. Riman


Kaidence lives in the fast lane as beguiling supermodel Kaige Dravine.

What she hides behind her closet, though, are not just her signature clothes. She hides her real self.

With an attempt against her life, Kaige is convinced that her days are to end with a death similar to that of her murdered mother. She struggles then to find happiness and freedom.

In a much tighter shift, though, her new personal bodyguard, Assistant Inspector Andrew Bonafante, doesn’t let it happen. How far Kaige is willing to go to grasp her adventure means revealing her secrets and exposing her heart to the secretive Andrew. What more will she risk, when having Andrew’s love means forcing them both to decide who takes a bullet for whom?


I had killed someone.

“You did what you had to do,” he said.

He sighed and moved closer to me. When I didn’t move away, he moved even closer, until I leaned my head on his chest, his arm around my shoulder. We stayed that way for what seemed like hours. I was safe and I didn’t want to move.

“I will need to kill someone again in the future, won’t I?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“I don’t want to.”

He let out a long breathy sigh. “Sometimes, we do things we do not want in order to survive and to save others.”

“What do you do? After you kill someone?”

“I never think about them again. I think about the people I saved and the lives they are able to live because I did what I must.” He paused. “I put my life on the line because I want other people safe.”

“What do you get out of it?”

He remained silent and immobile for a moment before replying, “Peace.”


★★★★★: Awesome!!! I really loved this book! (Highly recommended)

Andrew Bonafante is as sexy as sin, as hot as hell, as gorgeous as a Greek God. He takes his job seriously, even to the point of giving his life to the one he loves. He has flaws but that only make him more appealing to me.

Kaige, Kaidence, Amelia – they say “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. But Kaige isn’t only sweet, she’s one tough cookie, fierce and feisty. She is meticulous with her plans, her life is under scrutinizing eyes, but she’s one heck of a heroine.

Their lives intertwine, their hearts slowly unite, their chemistry is off the charts. Bullets are fired at their back, their differences separate them, their lives are threatened. Andrew and Kaige’s story took my breath away. From the action-packed scenes, to the wild goose chase, from the betrayals to the shocking twists and turns, Kissing Bullets had been one heck of a ride; and I’m so glad I buckled up.

K.Z. Riman is back again with a new hit. And yes, I feel like she aims the target at me and I don’t even attempt to dodge it. As long as this gun-slinging author continue to write toe-curling stories like this, I’m happy to take the bullet.

Whenever K.Z. Riman writes a novel, it is so easy for me to fall in love with her characters. She pulls you in, draws out your emotions and takes you to worlds unknown. She can write sweet, tantalizing story, then shift to steamy and sizzling scenes, so hot that I thought my Kindle was going to burst into flames.  True, I always lose some sleep whenever I start reading K.Z. Riman’s novels, but I can’t say they bothered me at all. I could easily escape to her stories and enjoy them. She’s a brilliant storyteller and this book is no exception!

A home-body type of woman, KZ Riman spends most of her days in her room, reading, writing or watching television and movies. She loves good steaming novels but would only watch sitcoms and romantic comedies to ‘chill’.

KZ is a technical writer and researcher by day, creative writer and dreamer by night, a heavy sleeper by dawn.

Author Links:

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Amazon


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