Blog Essentials: Finding Your Voice And Living The Blogger Lifestyle

BlogEssentialBlog Essentials: Finding Your Voice And Living The Blogger Lifestyle

by Heidi Nazarudin and Ponn Sabra

Ready to Live the Blogger Lifestyle Today?

What is a blogger’s lifestyle, anyways?

Learn What Most Blogging Books Don’t Teach You
To profit in professional blogging, you have to find your own voice and ensure your audience finds you.

Starting a blog is easy; maintaining one isn’t.
This isn’t a typical “Blogging for Beginners” book. Heidi and Ponn offer an enjoyable and practical read that offers answers to questions that most blogging books don’t dare to approach, such as:

Is blogging the profession for me?

  • What’s a “blogger’s mindset”? Do I have it?
  • How do I organize my home office to boost productivity?
  • How do I balance time and family responsibilities?
  • Professional female bloggers tell it all.

High-profile fashion blogger Heidi Nazarudin of, and best-selling author and professional blogger Ponn Sabra are co-founder for–a global network of female bloggers dedicated to blogging education and support.

In the debut book of their seven-book Blogger Blueprint series, Heidi and Ponn share a side of bloggers’ lives that most blogging books completely leave out. Rather than proclaim that anyone can make money blogging, Heidi and Ponn share the dark truths of the profession.

Filled with personal stories of trials and triumphs
But that doesn’t mean the series is boring or depressing–far from it. Heidi and Ponn set out to motivate female bloggers to enter the profession equipped with full knowledge of what’s in store. This book tackles

  • how much time bloggers will need to invest before turning a profit,
  • how blogging isn’t a one-woman-show behind a computer screen all day, and
  • that it’s not a Monday to Friday, 9-5 day job located in your scenic bedroom.

Despite all the obstacles and hardships faced, however, Heidi and Ponn are both successful bloggers.


I must say, this book had been a real eye-opener to me to the reality of the blogging world. Blog Essentials is a complete package – it contains all the basic info one must know and learn about blogging and how to be an accomplished blogger by using and following the techniques and ideas discussed herein.

Truth to be told, I’ve been a blogger for more than 10 years already and I have used all kinds of blogging platforms, from pita, to blogger and now to WordPress. But I also have to admit that with these long years, I still have a lot to learn. While I have been first and foremost a reader and reviewer, I am also a blogger who caters to the reading pleasures of my followers. This book, Blog Essentials, by Heidi and Ponn contains very useful and essential information a blogger needs in order to achieve greatness and success in the blogging world. This include proper planning, having a unique blogging voice based on your own personality and vision. It also encourages bloggers to involve the family who know your innermost thoughts, because they’d be the one to tell your strengths and weaknesses and help you with your blog’s progress.

This is a must read book for bloggers who wish to find success in the world wide web.

AUTHOR Biography

Heidi Nazarudin is a former Investment Banker and CEO turned women@work advocate. She is the Blogger-in-Chief at the popular fashion online destination, and is also the President and Co-Founder of BloggerBabes, a company that focuses on helping fashion,beauty and lifestyle bloggers turn their blogs into thriving businesses.

As a fashion blogger, she has collaborated with many companies and brands such as MaxMara, Etienne Aigner, Clarins, Armani Beauty and Saks 5th Avenue.

Heidi believes in having both style and substance, and has been featured many times as a blogging, social media and style expert both in top-tier media (CNN, FOX, Entrepreneur, Fast Company) as well on stage as a public speaker at many top conferences.

When not instagramming @theambitionista, she can be found by the beach in Santa Monica, where she lives.


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