Review: Healed (Forgiven # 3) by Rebecca Brooke


Healed (Forgiven #3)
by Rebecca Brooke


Emily Halliday and Andrew Bentley spent the last few years doing what every couple does. Meet, date, fall in love, and finally getting engaged. Life seemed pretty perfect. So what happens when the unthinkable happens testing their relationship and everything they built together?

The fighter that she is, Emily does everything in her power to save what they once shared, but will it be enough? Can Andrew overcome his fear to love Emily the way he always has?

Can love heal everything?


★★★★☆ : Great! I liked this book!

I’ve read the first two books in the Forgiven series and I’ve always liked Emily Halliday. She’s gorgeous and ballsy, she doesn’t take NO for an answer and she’s one hell of a friend. Angie & Lauren are sure lucky to have her in their lives.

Andrew had been her boyfriend for a couple of years until he finally popped up the question. Shortly after their engagement, Andrew’s ma died and his pa wasn’t himself, which affected Andrew and devastated Emily. Long story short, their relationship had gone on the rocks and their pain and suffering never did good to them.

This is the side of Emily I have always wanted to see – broken, hurt, emotional. Yes, I’m that cruel (HA!) but that’s just because I got to see her tempestuous side from the other books and I always thought, what would it take to break this girl? Now I know. Now I understand her better. Now I like her a lot more.

I’m so happy I am able to complete this trilogy by Rebecca Brooke. But I am secretly hoping for one more. Something about Nick perhaps? Yes, I’d love to know about Nick, too. Rebecca’s writing continues to flourish and it’s evident in every book she publishes. She’s one great gem and I look forward to reading her next ventures.

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