Review: Perfect Moments (Match Point Mishap & Something Real)


Match Point Mishap by Madelyn Tuviera

“Shit happens to the best of us,” goes a saying, and Lester Torres, a now-starving student-artist, cannot agree more. The family business has reached a steady decline. His parents are distraught. His education is at the risk of being put on hold because tuition’s too expensive, impractical. Something they are no longer able to afford. Unwilling to give up, he tries to apply for an athletic scholarship in the hope of keeping the dream alive. He was in the high school badminton varsity team, after all. Might as well put his dormant skill to good use, right? He aces the first few matches, winning them in a breeze, and thinks that he’s got this scholarship in the bag already. Easy as pie.

Enter a talented player by the name of Wency David, and Lester lands the first missed service of his game.

myreviewPinkBadminton, now that’s my kind of sports. Really, you can say I’m a big fan of basketball and soccer, but Badminton is the most special one in my heart because that is the sport I get to play. Back when I was still working in an office, my colleagues would usually take me to their badminton practices and I was always more willing to join. There’s this unexplained feeling of warmth and joy whenever I throw the shuttlecock and swing my racket as I sway my arms left and right as I hit my target.

In this story, Match Point Mishap, we get more than we have bargained for, namely, gender realization, family relationship, love and acceptance beyond boundaries, sports unlimited. Yep, Wency & Lester are two peas in a pod, They hit it off, maybe not right away, but there’s that tingling sensation whenever one is around another. Yep, they’re guys and they’re great badminton players. Yep, they create a crazy world together and I somehow like it!

It’s not often that I get to read M/M and F/F stories, but whenever I’m given the chance to read one, I grab it and try to see their stories through their points of view. Madelyn Tuvera is an effective author, at that. She gives justice to a story that most conventional readers steer clear of. I loved how Madelyn turned up the heat in this book, how the characters let their feelings do the talking, how the parents struggled to accept the truth, how the ending made me smile. Looking forward to reading more book from this awesome writer!

Something Real by Charm Jacinto

Hailey’s principle is heart over mind. It’s Rick or nothing at all. Brett’s scholarship comes first. His, was mind over matters of the heart. A laboratory experiment in Physics brought them together making their lives entangled with each other. From lab partners to having a crossfire of misread signals to friendship. Will they ever find the perfect formula when it comes to the principle of love?

myreviewPinkThe perfect formula for love is never perfect. It has it’s ups and downs, negative and positive points. Hailey takes love seriously that she’ll gladly take Rick back after their break-up. She thinks it’s got something to do with her looks that’s why their relationship ended. Enter Brett, brawns and brains, high-achiever, the “brainy boy” in the class. Together, they are thrown as lab partners and they have a rocky start. Until they begin answering questions left and right.

I liked this story so much. I personally think Charm Jacinto’s writing has this capability of capturing the interest of readers and holding their attention for as long as she wants. Why, she captured my interest as if I was also a high schooler! I wish she’d write more in the future so we can have a taste of her talent and skills!

And that concludes my tour stop for BuqoYa Bundle 5: Perfect Moments. Hope you enjoy all the stories in this bundle.



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