Review: Cabin Heat by Bella Love-Wins


Cabin Heat: A New Adult and College Romance
(The Billionaire Romance Redemption Series Book 1)
by Bella Love-Wins

Do you believe in love at first sight?


The wrong turn through a Nevada mountain pass lands nursing student Abby Wittfield and her college friends in the middle of a blizzard that can end it all.

When they’re found by the handsome but reclusive young billionaire Dr. Andrew Carrington, it’s a second chance at life.

In the safety of his cabin, Abby and Andrew find a deep connection neither of them thought possible. But Nature rears its head and lets the group know the Nevada back country is no place for the faint of heart.

Will Abby and Andrew allow their unexpected romance to blossom? Or is it too late for Andrew to escape his dark past and find the light of love in Abby’s eyes?


★★★★★: Awesome!!! I really loved this book!

Andrew couldn’t accept the truth about his wife. He refused to believe that Emma’s gone. He shut the world out, kept to himself and mourned for his loss. He retreated to his cabin and didn’t want to be disturbed.

Abby and her friends were supposed to head back to College but they got stuck in a bad snowstorm. Their SUV was totaled, she twisted her ankle, could barely walk and carried the burden of looking after her friends, shivering, hungry, tired, with no roof under their head.

Their paths met and collided. Andrew and Abby knew there was instant attraction between them, but Barb, one of Abby’s companions, was making their connection difficult. That, and the fact that they were all left strandred in a despicable weather almost made their stay in the cabin unbearable. But love and lust seems to know how to find its way. Soon, Andrew and Abby couldn’t get their hands off each other. Until that day when Abby no longer needed Andrews capable hands. Until that day when something happened to two of their friends, trapped in snow, in the presence of a mountain lion, in the face of danger. It seemed like the past is coming back to Andrew. And he couldn’t find a way to get out.

Cabin Heat has been a truly thrilling and captivating read. I think I got burned while reading the hot and heavy scenes. The tension, drama and suspense got me reeling. Bella Love-wins never fails to impress me. She’s skilled in the Steamy New Adult genre and her story can easily awaken a sleeping beast. The ending, as cliffhanging as it was, really excites me, telling me to go watch out and force Bella to send out the next book right away! Yes, I cannot wait to read it as there’s just so much more to be discovered! So Cabin Fever, please be here already, pretty please?!



I’m twenty -three years old and work as a communications analyst in a small firm. I live a little north of Toronto and dream of moving to the small town of Grimsby, Ontario one day. Once I move out of the city I would love to have a Shih Tzu and 2 cats as pets and practice kids. I always wanted to write, which I why I completed a degree in Communications and Literature. I dream to improve my writing to where I can write fiction full time, and I know that it’s with daily writing practice that I will get better and better. I have one older brother and my parents live in Northern Ontario.

I find my stories to be about new adults and women in their mid-twenties, sometimes from wealthy families.

My philosophy toward life is to believe that learning is possible, and that by learning everyday, we can improve and grow.

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