Review: Over the Hills and Through The Woods

OvertheHillOver the Hill and Through the Woods
by Leah Grant


A Witch advertising her heat cycle by scenting out can only lead to trouble, especially for Lothar Kaltenbrun. This time it isn’t the Witch burning—it’s him!

Lothar Kaltenbrun is trying to keep life on an even keel for himself and his younger brother, Telfor. After the murder of their parents, they are the only two pure bloods left of their Clan. A new scent is in the air—a Witch is advertising her heat cycle. Only very powerful Witches do this and it can only lead to trouble. Lothar knows that scent is an open invitation and may bring uninvited guests onto Kaltenbrun territory.

Lothar finds himself unable to resist the sexual pull of Jesse the Witch. When he ends up at her cabin, she asks him to drink her blue potion, ending the torment of her heat cycle, but he shifts and runs into the woods. Everyone knows never to trust a Witch.
But as Jesse’s magic captures his heart, he worries whether it’s a spell or true love…

myreview1Without looking at the book cover, after reading the title, you’d think I’ll be reading a kiddie book involving singing dwarves and wolves in the forest. But no, I was entirely wrong. Over the Hill and Through The Woods isn’t for the young audiences, not even for those young at heart. This book exudes with intense sensuality that only brave ones would be able to handle.

Jesse, the Witch, was scenting over the woods, affecting almost the entire male population. Kaltenbrun Brothers, Lothar & Telfor couldn’t resist temptation, the scent was like an aphrodisiac to their were-shifting bodies. These werewolves were the last pure bloods of their kind, so they’d do everything to survive. They needed to protect one another, especially from their rival clan, the Stumpps, who had a gnarly history with the Kaltenbruns.

Lothar had the advantage in the situation when he first arrived at Jesse’s shack, in all his fully unclothed glory. But he very well knew that witches can’t be trusted. Witches shouldn’t get involved with shifters like him, because these might result to were-hag catastrophe. But Lothar was a male with needs, he couldn’t resist temptation, he couldn’t quench his thirst. It was just a matter of time before he succumbed to his desires and realized what he’d done.

This had been an interesting read. As I have previously mentioned in my last reviews, I am a big fan of fantasy/paranormal/supernatural tales. This had been the most erotic one, though. The plot was unique, the characters were likeable, the brotherly scenes were touching and light, but the intimate scenes were a whole different story. This was overpowering, impassioned, seductive. Leah Grant has a talent in writing and her imagination is wild and unrestrained. She could be the next Fifty Shades sensation!


I’m Leah Grant. Since a young age I have been fascinated with the paranormal. I have had many ghostly experiences and some just very odd and unexplainable things happen. The house where my husband and I live has had some activity. I believe the spirits here are friendly and the first thing I noticed when I walked on this property was the good energy. This house is very old, so I am not at all surprised. I have noted that Miss Fish, our cat, tends to get caught up watching ‘something’ – even though there isn’t anything there (that I can see)

Writing stories happened early for me. Characters and whole stories just come into my head. Sometimes it is hard to type fast enough to keep up with them.

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