Children’s Book: The Gnomes of the Night


The Gnomes of the Night
by Itzik Klein, Fanny Liem (Illustrator)

Picking up his mess is just too much for Ryan.

Between brushing his teeth, taking a shower, and being a kid, Ryan can’t be bothered with another chore. That is until his dad warns him about the Night Gnomes, who snatch up misplaced items and may claim them as their own.

At first, Ryan doesn’t listen, but when his discarded shoes go missing, he has no choice but to use his secret detective skills and so he braves the night in search of the mysterious gnomes. What he finds, though, is even more than he bargained for.

In this wonderfully illustrated, funny, rhyming bedtime story, young Ryan shares a few laughs while he unravels this mystery.


★★★★★: Awesome!!! I really loved this book!

I could totally relate with the mom and dad in this book. I’ve got a bunch of boys who always throw their clothes, shoes and bags away the moment they arrive home from school. Sometimes, I get frustrated from picking up their things, that I’d tell them I’d rather throw their things away on the garbage cans if they don’t get their things sorted out . Works everytime.

The Gnomes of the Night is about a boy named Ryan who often leaves his stuffs like toys, shoes, clothes and even food anywhere. One night, his shoes have gone missing from where he usually put them. His dad tells him maybe the gnomes came out in the night and stole his stuffs. But Ryan isn’t convinced nor moved. He disregards his father’s theory and still goes on doing what he does best, leaving clothes and shoes strewn on the floor. And the mysterious Gnomes still continue stealing some of his things. One night, Ryan investigates and finds out who’s really behind all those missing stuffs. And before they know it, it’s payback time!

My kids and I found ourselves grinning from ear to ear after reading this book. We love Ryan’s story. My middle child (Mico) tells me, he was like Ryan. He admits that he often leaves his things behind him or on the floor the moment he enters our door. But that’s because he knows someone else will pick up them up, it’s either me or his older brother. I ask him, do you want the night gnomes to get your things, too and never give them back to you? Mico says, “Mom, you know night gnomes aren’t true, we just read about it.” And I tell him, “Okay, yes, they aren’t true, but I might turn into a gnome one day because my back gets hurt all the time when I pick up your things. You know I’m not getting any younger and my back is killing me.” To that Mico replies, “Oh, I never thought of that. I don’t want you to become a gnome. Don’t worry Mom, I promise I’ll be more careful with my things now. I don’t want you to get hurt everyday.”

I love this book, it does deliver its message to kids and parents alike. The pictures are awesome and cool, too! – that’s what my kids’ say. I liked that it was easy to read, the words rhyme and the lesson successfully imparted. This is a must read for kids of all ages! Thumbs up to Itzik Klein for a job well done, and Fanny Liem for the colorful illustrations!

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<<– This is actually Liran, and his daddy, Itzik Klein is the one who wrote The Gnomes of the Night. Let’s see what he has to say about his cool dad.

My Dad is funny, even though I think he tries too hard sometimes. Still, I think he is a really cool Dad. Geez, he still tries to convince me from time to time to do stuff by mentioning these Gnomes, who will come when night falls….

I’ve seen him working on this book for ages, trying to make every single illustrated page as perfect as it can get. Draft after draft, picture angel after picture angel. Well, I’ve heard this story like a gazillion times, way before he started working on it, and now I’m glad this book is finally out there so other kids can enjoy it. I really hope you will like this story, too.

Check out Itzik’s Amazon page here.

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