Review: Oliver & Jumpy Stories 4-6

Oliver & Jumpy by Werner Stajskal Story 4: Monkey Island - Joey is being kidnapped. Story 5: Fairy Castle - The fairy queen invites our friends. Story 6: Treasure Hunt – A secret treasure map is inviting to a memorable hike. Oliver and Jumpy are back, this time, Jumpy's son, Joey had grown up and … Continue reading Review: Oliver & Jumpy Stories 4-6

Review: Tints and Shades

Tints and Shades (The Love Shutter Trilogy) by KZ Riman       A project to redesign The Shift Magazine brings visual expert Marco Castillo and Associate Editor Kaileen Mondragon together in a simple task: a pitch that will impress the magazine’s new management and prove, at the same time, that Kaileen is where she … Continue reading Review: Tints and Shades