Book Review: Moving On

MovingOnMoving On (Ghost of the Past #1)
by Trisha Grace


For twenty years, Tyler Hayes had been ripped from his childhood home. After the horrific accident that took away his parents’ life, Tyler’s grandfather removed him from the mansion and sent him away.

Now, after twenty years, his grandfather had passed away and he could finally go home. However, even in his death, Tyler’s grandfather had betrayed him once again, leaving the mansion to a woman he had never met.

Even though Kate Mitchell had never met Tyler, she knew all about the accident that changed the Hayes’s family. Unbeknownst to her, was how she was going to end up being caught in the middle of a long estranged relationship between two different generations.

Two complete different personalities would have to learn to get along and play nice in order to survive a will that would change their lives.


It’s been a long time since I last read a Christian Romance book and I always love the glorious feeling I get whenever I finish reading one.

Moving On is a great love story of two strangers who were forced to stay together in a mansion because of a recently deceased (Mr. Hayes) last will & testament. Tyler was forced out of the mansion at a young age when he was abandoned by his grandfather after his parents died in a house fire. He never got the chance to be with him in 20 years, until Mr. Hayes died and he was contacted by Kate Mitchell, his grandpa’s confidant. Tyler was aloof, disgruntled and angry at people. Kate on the other hand, is an independent woman who wasn’t used to being taken care of. She’s got a positive outlook in life, even though she and her sister Lydia lost their parents in a tragic way.

I loved the flow of the story and the characterization of Kate & Tyler. They seem to complement each other and their chemistry brought about the good changes in themselves. Tyler has learned to trust and smile and be comfortable with other people around him while Kate has finally allowed someone else to protect her and take care of her. The will, which advised Kate to give up Mr. Hayes’ mansion, with the condition that she has to stay with Tyler in the house for a year brought them together. At first, I thought they would be having a tumultuous relationship throughout the year, especially with Joanne around. Joanne is a spoiled brat, thinks so highly of herself and told everyone that she’s Tyler’s fiancee, although they were never a couple to begin with. I also liked Kate’s main gal pal, Evelyn, who has issues with relationships; and Tyler’s friends, Ryan, Joseph & Dan – they were all considerate of Tyler’s feelings and had good head on their shoulders. They’re the kind of people I would love myself to surround with.

I loved all the romantic parts of the book, as well as the passages and scriptures shared by Kate and her story of the puddle and swerving car. There were also other parts that brought me to tears, actually, like the painting in the shed and the fire. I wish I could tell more, but I don’t want to reveal the whole story. Although the ending was sweet and giddy, it also left me hanging. I wish to know more about the whole gang, I wish to know more about the cold cases and I wish to know more about the future waiting for them.

Overall, this was an amazing read and really made my heart melt.


Moving On (Ghost of the Past, Book 1) is available on Amazon

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