Book Review: Dead Man Falling

DeadManFallingDead Man Falling (A Johnny Fedora Mystery)
by Desmond Cory

A bizarre honeymoon plunges Fedora into the search for a disguised Nazi killer, a fabulous cache of diamonds – and an espionage plot so monstrous it will hold readers spellbound until the shattering climax.


1. Find a well-disguised ex-Nazi without knowing what he looks like…
2. Uncover a fantastic, vital cache of diamonds that might not even exist…
3. Climb the dangerous slopes of a virtually un-scalable mountain with men you suspect want to kill you.

In short, it was an assignment Johnny wouldn’t have accepted from British Intelligence in a million years – but on his own, with a once-in-a-lifetime girl like Marie-Andrée at his side, he jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, it was only his first mistake…

First it was Eric Amber, then Ian Fleming, now the most lethal espionage mastermind blasts onto the scene …

When I read Dead Man Falling, I really couldn’t help but think of James Bond of the 50’s as Johnny Fedora. Both British agents are smart, manipulative, charming and notorious. This post war spy thriller could actually give 007 a run for its money. While Johnny Fedora is after a cache of sequestered diamonds, his stunning new bride keeps him afloat and alive along the Austrian alps. Not to be outdone is Sebastian Trout, another British detective and just as smart as his colleague. A murder on the train gently reminded me of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express
and Ex-Nazis chasing & shooting them made the newlyweds’ honeymoon even more perilous and exciting and dangerous. Johnny Fedora may as well be called 007’s twin, as he was as bold, as fierce and as naughty as Bond.

Desmond Cory’s writing is exceptional, almost to the point that I thought he was Ian Fleming’s reincarnation. Usually when I read mysteries and thrillers, I look for plot holes, but with Dead Man Falling, I was impressed because I couldn’t pinpoint any holes at all. Cory knew how to build and pump up one’s anticipation with the twists and turns in the story. The suspense literally killed me with every bated breath. The way Johnny eclipses James Bond was just as outstanding and gripping. I won’t be surprised if this book is already considered a classic.

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