My husband’s vow

Hubby and i had another weekend movie marathonΒ and this time, we watched “The Vow” at home while the kids are busy playing with their gadgets.

The story is about a young couple (Leo & Paige) who had a head-on collision which caused the woman to lose her memories of her husband. Leo did everything he can in order to restore her wife’s memories, to no avail.

After watching the film, I asked my husband if he’d do the same thing for me if I got amnesia.

Me: Just in case I have amnesia, will you do everything to get my memories back?

Hubby: You won’t get amnesia. Don’t think about losing your memory, ok?

Me: But what if I do… Come’on, just in case, what would you do?

Hubby: (thinking) Hmm.. Yes, I’ll help you remember… But I will not do everything..

Me: What? Why Not?

Hubby: Because I will only do ONE thing…and that is: I will bring our kids to you and for sure, one look at our 3 little boys, including me, all your memories will come back. That’s why you won’t get amnesia at all. And that is my vow to you.

Awww!! I have the best husband in the world! Thanks Hon!

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