#flashback loveletters



I found a stash of old high school love letters and friendly snail mails from my ex-boyfriends and past “secret admirers” (I’m talking about my past – which can be basically traced back to the 1990s. Yeah, I’m that old and no, I’m not complaining about my age.

Anyway, I just realized that long before, I had strong affinity to words and stories based on the love letters I’ve read. You see, my “admirers” had impressed me with their wordy letters and promises of love and devotion. I was a hopeless romantic, even before. I guess that’s the reason why I love reading contemporary romances and “coming-of-age” stories these days. The likes of Flat-Out Love and Eleanor & Park bring flutters to my stomach and a demure smile up to my ears.

I’m reading one from “Natz” right now and I can’t help but sigh.

Okay, let me sit for a while and allow me to walk down the memory lane in this rainy afternoon, while I devour the words and broken promises from my past. A sip of coffee will definitely make me feel better later.

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