10th enchanted anniversary

fireworks Ten Years Ago…. I was broken-hearted.. I told myself, it’s never too late to fall in love again. After a serious relationship which ended in heartbreak, I was so scared that I may no longer be able to find the right man for me. I thought my world would revolve around my work and my family and no one else.


Then a young man crossed my path.. I called him Marc. I accidentally sent him an Instant Message (IM) at work, which was supposed to be sent to someone else.. Through that IM, we became acquaintances, then friends.. A friend who treated me as an equal. A friend out of accident. A friend whom I had contact with whenever I had dilemmas. A friend and a co-worker. A friend who professed his love to me, brought fruits when i got sick and serenaded me through the phone… A friend who courted me, then got turned down (I turned him down 4 times!) but still persisted! And in the end, he won my heart…..


Love began one enchanted day in Enchanted Kingdom… it happened August 8, 2004… After midnight… I was soaking wet in the swimming pool with a bevy of beauties. I was with my friends, my F4 friends where we held a birthday bash for Vanness and I was thrilled to have joined them in a resort somewhere in Laguna. It was 12:45 AM. When I saw my cell phone blinking rapidly from afar, I knew Marc was calling me. So I hurriedly swam across the pool and with wet hand, I grabbed my phone. Then I heard Marc’s familiar husky yet silent voice.. The voice which sent shivers down my spine.. I giggled while I was talking to him, not minding the shouts and screams that my F4 girls were bursting out. I don’t know why I felt that way whenever he called.. There was (& still is) something in him that makes my heart jump and my knees wobble. At any rate, my heart was pounding so fast that I almost forgot that I was headed to the balcony of the resort while I was clad in skimpy shorts and cropped tank top. Good thing, I managed to compose myself and hid on a secluded area to be able to talk to him intimately.


The truth is, I was about to say the magic words when he professed his love for me. but I controlled myself and decided to tell him personally the next day the words he had longed to hear. yes, I asked him if he was willing to take a leave of absence from work and meet me up in Laguna the next day.. (remember, he was in Pampanga at that time!) It was actually a test for him.. A test to check his love for me.. I didn’t think he was up to it, but still, I hoped that he would meet me up (with three of my office friends) in Enchanted Kingdom. I was weary and ecstatic and I couldn’t sleep well that night. Amidst the merrymaking of my F4 buddies, I laid awake almost the whole evening thinking of the event that will unfold the morning after. It was quarter to 4am when my eyes suddenly felt numb and heavy and sleepy. 6:35 am… my friend, Sien came up knocking on the door of our suites. I was up and about and got ready for the day ahead. I asked her if she could give me a lift going to Sta. Rosa Laguna so I can meet my other friends there. Luckily, she agreed. So at 8:30am, I was already at Jollibee and had breakfast with my friends. When they left me there, I played some games on my cellphone but I soon got tired.


I texted my friend, Bryan and told them that I’m gonna be at Waltermart where I was supposed to wait for him, Sarah, Jen and Jon and of course, Marc. I asked what time would they be arriving at our rendezvous and he said, they’re most likely to meet me up at 11am… oh my!  I had to wait up for them for 2 more hours! gruelling yet exciting.. Somehow, it gave me enough time to ponder and re-examine myself if I was ready for the day. At 10am, I entered Waltermart and headed to Expressions and a lovely greeting card caught my attention. I pulled it up from the card holder and I immediately bought a pen… silly romantic thoughts ran up my mind when went to the cashier’s place. Then I roamed around the department store area to check some items but I easily tired up. I didn’t notice that time was running faster than I could imagine. The next thing I knew, Marc texted me saying that they are already in Sta. Rosa exit. So I ran out of Waltermart and waited for them outside McDo and texted Jen to join us.


It was raining cats and dogs when they arrived & I immediately joined them inside the van and dried myself for a while. Marc reserved the one of the back seats for me which was convenient to me. I asked him to buy me a burger meal since I forgot to eat lunch. While he was gone, I started scribbling on the card that I bought and I was putting it back on my bag when he came back. We still had 30 minutes left (it was 11:30) and Jen was still not around. We went ahead to Enchanted Kingdom and prepared ourselves. While Bryan and Sarah were busy canoodling in front of our seat, Jon went out and decided to wait for Jen at the entrance. At the back, I was kinda quiet, talking to Marc about my evening at the F4 party.


Exactly, 12 noon, while he was looking at me, I whispered to his ear the three magic words… “I love you”… he was surprised and I could see a different kind of spark in his eyes when he heard me say that. I was taken aback when he kissed me on my cheek and gleefully said I love you too… oh my.. I’m getting mushy here… but it’s how it happened and it’s still vivid on my memory..


At 12pm, aug.8, 2004 – Marc and I are officially called “a couple”..


After a few minutes, Jen arrived.. So we all we went outside the van, then I officially introduced Marc to them as my boyfriend. I’m glad that they were all so happy for both of us. then off we went to Enchanted Kingdom.. Marc and I spent all the time together..


From the Rialto theatre experience, to our first ride at Wheel of Fate.. I had fun riding the bump cars and felt the wind beneath my wings at the giant swing. The caterpillar ride was so romantic for me too. We ate our fave dominos pan pizza and cuddled each other while watching a sci-fi 4-dimensional film. I got so scared at the Space Shuttle ride that I forgot to open my eyes while we were high up the air and I could hardly breathe! We were tempted to try Anchors Aweigh but I declined since I felt that I might feel nauseous and throw up! The last two rides we tried were the Jungle Log and Rio Grande Rapids where we all got wet!


It was past 6pm when Sarah and I went to the dressing area and changed clothes. We had a little chit-chat about our budding lovelife and I felt sad because she would soon go back home to her province in Davao. But we didn’t want to spoil the fun so we just forgot all about it and headed back to the van and enjoyed the last hours together with our “other half’s”..


Along the way, Marc whispered sweet nothings and love-lines to my ears and I laid my head on his lap and cherished the moment we were together. Somehow, the world stopped revolving around us and i just prayed that the special moment would continue for a lifetime.


And that’s how our story started… It’s been exactly 10 years now and I’m happy because we stay strong together and we promise to keep what we had started out to last as long as forever…



August 8, 2004. Ten years ago, we were in a magical place and we were young and in love. We rode on the Giant Ferris Wheel of Love, we sat side by side and looked beyond the marvelous expanse of Enchanted Kingdom. We screamed at the top of our lungs while we were up in the air, holding hands inside the Space Shuttle Max. We got wet under the Rio Grande Rapids. We grinned like kids as we bumped cars, and we hollered like monkeys in the Jungle Log Jam.

Ten years ago, Enchanted Kingdom played a big part in our lives. Now, 10 years after, I realized, I found my own magical kingdom with you and our kids. We didn’t know what the future would hold, but we were excited and confident that whatever it was, we would do it together. And now, 10 years have gone, we have accomplished more than we can imagine.

Happy anniversary to us, honey Marc Anthony Santos. Looking forward to spending another 10 x 10 more years with you and the kids. I Love you.. Mwaaahhhh!

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