Review: Dead Girls Don’t Blog

deadgirlsDead Girls Don’t Blog 
(Murder Blog Mysteries #1)
by Pamela Frost Dennis

synopsispinkAfter nursing her husband through cancer, and then getting dumped for a “pre-schooler”, Katy McKenna is ready for a major life reboot…

With her divorce finally behind her, it’s time for Katy to resurrect the graphics arts career she left behind to follow her “was-band’s” dreams. Now all she has to do is find a good job in a bad economy.
And her BFF says she has some anger issues to resolve and thinks blogging about it would be cathartic. Katy is not a blog fan, but’s cheaper than a shrink, so she’s going to give it a try.

While gathering newspapers for recycling, Katy reads a story about an impending parole hearing for one of the men who raped and murdered her high school friend sixteen years ago. Sickened that he could soon be free to prey on other young girls, Katy decides to step out of her comfort zone to make sure this doesn’t happen, not realizing the imminent peril she’s about to unleash upon herself.

Meanwhile—Grandma Ruby is on a mission to find Katy a hunky transition man.

“Dead Girls Don’t Blog” by Pamela Frost Dennis, follows two timelines of events. Katy’s story is set in present day and follows her daily life as she adjusts to single-hood. The second timeline follows the events leading up to the rape and murder of young Lindsay Moore in 1996.

The two stories gradually merge as the past catches up to Katy, putting her life in jeopardy.


Here’s a toast to Pamela Frost Dennis for a delightful mystery read that left me with a smile on my face. I really love murder/crime mysteries, the never-ending feeling of anticipation and shock always make my day. I could never get tired reading mysteries and Dead Girl’s Don’t Blog is not an exception.

I loved how Katy McKenna shares her thoughts on her blog and on the whole book as well. She’s quirky, snarky and feisty. Her blog entries cracked me up, something I fail to deliver on my own blog. Ha! She’s a talented artist who wasn’t much lucky in love. Then her inner sisterly instinct got the best of her when she learned of Phil Hobart’s impending release in prison after serving 15 years in prison, for the rape/kidnapping/murder charges of her high school friend, Lindsay Moore. Phil actually confessed all the things he and his friends had done to Lindsay and has been in incarceration for more than a decade, but Katy felt that it was her civic obligation to make sure that the parole for Phil Hobart wouldn’t happen.

Little did she know, she attracted danger when she started digging about her friend’s rape/murder case. Mystery surrounded her when she learned Hobart’s mom went ballistic after seeing her petition. I myself was mad about the convict’s freedom, but there were times when I actually pitied him. But justice has to be served and what better way to serve this than with a hot Katy on the trail.

I was also overwhelmed by Katy’s cohorts, namely her pets Daisy & Tabitha, plus there’s dear old wise Grandma! Ruby is hilarious! Never a dull moment with her, she is an enigma! I love everything in this book and would be thrilled if the author writes another one. Kudos to her for writing a true-to-life story that has a heart and full of adventures. Now, let me do some action on my own blog, too.


After writing YA (young adult), funny radio commercials, and a screenplay – “Reality Check”, I have found my favorite writing genre…Murder Mysteries with a touch of humor.

“Dead Girls Don’t Blog” was awarded the B.R.A.G. Medallion for excellence in Indie Publishing..

Next up in the Murder Blog Mysteries: “Better Dead Than Wed”.

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5 thoughts on “Review: Dead Girls Don’t Blog

  1. Hi there!
    Thank you so much for the wonderful review. I am working hard on the second book in the Murder Blog Mysteries series. Better Dead Than Wed. Almost done with the first draft. Can’t wait to start rewrites!

    Pamela Frost Dennis


    1. I’m happy for you! I really enjoyed Katy, she’s quite a character, I must say. Congrats on your second book, I hope to read it soon 🙂 I like the title, by the way. Better Dead Than Wed – it’s catchy! 🙂


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