Book Review: A Passing Curse

passingcurseA Passing Curse by C.R. Trolson
(kindle edition)

Homicide detective Reese Tarrant leaves the LAPD under a cloud of suspicion that he murdered serial killer Richard Lamb, dubbed by the media as the Anaheim Vampire for draining the blood from thirteen women. Because Lamb had once worked for billionaire Ajax Rasmussen, Reese drives up the coast to Santa Marina and Ajax’s palatial mansion overlooking the Pacific.

Archaeologist Rusty Webber has been hired by Ajax to investigate Indian skeletons found behind the Santa Marina Mission. It is a job she views with ambivalence: the last time she worked for Ajax, searching for Dracula’s tomb, she was nearly raped and executed by Romanian rebels. Rusty doesn’t trust Ajax, but he has the money to resurrect a career stalled by charges she killed a fellow archaeologist.

Ajax Rasmussen, CEO of Cirrus Industries, the world’s premier chemical conglomerate and whole blood fractionator, is a respected businessman and philanthropist, owns a dozen Picassos, courts royalty, prime ministers, and presidents, and is a success by any standard.

Reese is in the formerly quiet town only a few days when a priest is found butchered and hanging by his feet at the mission, the owner of a gothic book store is drained of blood, and a young cop Reese has befriended is hacked to death.

When Rusty is arrested for killing the priest, Reese provides an alibi and they soon find themselves not only falling in love but also coming to the conclusion that Ajax may not be the man he claims to be.

I knew it! That’s the first thing that came out of my mouth when I read about business magnate and blood-drinking Ajax Rasmussen. I didn;t have to be a detective nor a Dracula hunter like Reese Tarrant and Rusty Webber to put two and two together. These two folks, by the way, are intense and magnanimously paired. The billionaire villain made the story even more fun and engrossing to read.

A Passing Curse, is a greatly written work of art, the story is distinctive and really engaging. Why, I was already hooked right from the first chapter! Imagine interrogating a dying woman and describing the Anaheim Vampire who had pressed a sock to the hole in her neck and drained of blood. If it weren’t creepy to you, well for me, that itself was a big-time introduction. The rest of the story were entertaining, at the same time, heart-pounding and nerve-wracking!

I liked how the author have described the vampire in this novel. For once, the vampire didn’t glisten nor sparkle. Another, the story is full of twists and suspense. There are gruesome scenes, serial killers, dead bodies, gory bloodfest and so much more. Now this is the kind of vampire story that will really spook me and won’t let me have a goodnight sleep. Kudos to C. R. Trolson for keeping me up all night


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