Meet The Bugs on Ben’s Day because Grandma Stinks!

A writer/illustrator/storyteller extraordinaire was kind enough to share with me three of his best kiddie stories, Meet The Bugs, Ben’s Day and Grandma Stinks. Thank you Mark C. Collins for these wonderful stories.



meetbugsLast night, I let my eldest son read this to his 2 little brothers and what a night it was! They actually quivered with excitement as they met Antonio, Dusty, Pete, Blink and the others, but they were most especially thrilled with Webster! Me, I actually like Caitlyn the caterpillar, because she’s gonna turn into a butterfly soon! Anyway, I don’t know what it is about bugs that interest them, but as far as I could see with my own eyes, they were grinning from ear to ear while reading this rhyming book. They mostly liked the bugs that don’t bite and those that were colorful and looked pretty. My kids actually had a hard time picking which bug was their favorite!

Mark Collins is a gifted writer and artist. I was impressed with his artistic illustrations and how he came up with the rhyming words with ease. My sons know that most bugs are pests and are actually afraid of them, but after reading the book, they marveled at the revelation and information they learned about them. Thank you Mark Collins for this very helpful, educational and truly entertaining book!



BEN’S DAYbensday

It’s the first day of summer, school’s out, so Ben was so happy to spend the day with his best buddy Fred and his new speedy bike! “Hooray for summer!” That’s what my kids actually said after reading this cute rhyming story of Ben. Summer is definitely the kids’ favorite season because they get to chase the sun, ride their bikes, swim in the pool or beach and play all they want day to night, much like how Ben spent his in this story.

Mark C. Collins captured the innocence and energy of children with Ben’s Day. The whimsical & colorful illustrations added to the charm of the book, too! It’s no wonder Mark is now my son’s favorite author! A perfect summer read!



The author told me beforehand that this book might be offensive to parents. So forewarned, I approached Grandma Stinks with apprehension in the beginning. Surprisingly, I wasn’t offended at all. On the contrary, I couldn’t help but agree and relate with the girl in the story. As far as I can remember, I grew up with my mom and grandma. But it was my grandmother who really took care of me and my needs. So I knew how it was to have lived with her and noticed her unique smell every single day. Yep, there were times when I couldn’t help but gaggle and tell my mom, Grandma Fely stinks!

But at the end of the day, I didn’t care if she smelled or not. When my own kids finally read this, they kept on telling me that they will not say Grandma Stinks because as far as they are concerned, they see their grandmom every week and she smells nice and sweet everytime she visits them. Oh well, they’re kids, sometimes they know how to say the darnest things, but most of the time, they know which words will melt our hearts away 🙂

Once again, thanks so much to the author for this wonderful story. Thumbs up for you, Mr. Collins!

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