Book Review: The Peaceful Lion and The Nagging Crow

This fable tells the story of two animals - “The Peaceful Lion And The Nagging Crow by Assaf Marcus” in which the crow tries to annoy the lion in countless ways. Will the crow manage to finally get the lion angry or upset? Will the crow give up? Can the lion manage to stay calm … Continue reading Book Review: The Peaceful Lion and The Nagging Crow

coffee & yarn

   found some old rolls of multicolored yarn in my closet.. i borrowed my sister's crochet hook and looked for some designs to make. I realized my mind is already rusty when following patterns, rustier than the hook yarn I was using. nevertheless, I still continued with this endeavour and was rewarded with a warm … Continue reading coffee & yarn

7 reasons no one reads your blog…

I was talking with some successful bloggers the other day on a Google Hangout. I asked why they thought people do not get any readers to their blogs. Here are 7 reasons they gave me. I wanted to share them with you. 7 Reasons nobody reads your blog: 1. Your Blog does not work on … Continue reading 7 reasons no one reads your blog…

Rosemary (Lineage of Zeal # 1)

Book Review: Rosemary (Lineage of Zeal # 1) by L.J. Dempsey Summary from (Kindle edition) She doesn't know what she is. Or why he chose her. Or where his demons took her son moments after she gave birth. What she does know is she will find her son no matter the cost, and anyone that … Continue reading Rosemary (Lineage of Zeal # 1)