Review of Anat Umansky’s Kiddie Books

I was pleased to read two of Anat Umansky’s children’s books. I always love reading bedtime stories to my kids. Let me share two of Umansky’s kiddie books that brought delight and cheers to my sons.JourneyImagination

First, the Journey Into Imagination.

Little Julie is going to a journey into her imagination each time she wants to do something not usual…
In her imagination she can do magic and miracles and everything is possible.
How to do it?
Each one of you can learn… just open your mind..
How can you move a mountain?
How to fly like a bird?
How to become a powerful queen
How to enter the courtyard of the Palace of light?
How to shine like a star?
No wonder her mom calls her: My shining beam light!

I asked my kids to read this book, A Journey into Imagination and let them see what the character Julie sees in her imagination. The result, awesome! Julie imagined she was a wall, a whale and even the Queen of Darkness; this girl really has great and wild imagination. I told my kids to imagine, too, and they said, the world is a place full of magic, princes, warlocks and seahorses. They also pretended to be Kings of Shadows and Kings of the Sea.

I gathered that kids, when they are asked to see themselves in a world full of imagination, they can come up with the best sights, sounds and stories one could ever think of. Kids pretend they are someone else and in that moment, they become happy and at peace. My youngest son, Mikael said, “if it’s true that there is a world of imagination and I can journey through it, I will be the happiest boy in the universe. ”




Why Geraldine The Giraffe Is Crying?
by Anat Umansky

What would you do with a Giraffe who cries over every little thing?
And how will you manage to calm Geraldine down?
This sweet children’s book is about all this little things that upset Geraldine and make her cry…

Geraldine’s Giraffe friend Jeffrey asks:
“When, Geraldine, when will you stop crying over every little thing?”
“Never,” answers Geraldine, “and I don’t cry over every little thing. But when bother some things happen, the tears just come by themselves, and I cry and cry until I have a little puddle of tears at my feet.”

Geraldine looks into her puddle of tears, and what does she see?
You’ll never guess! You’ll probably never believe it… In her puddle of tears, Geraldine sees her best friend in the world, Crockett the toad. Crockett is known for her great wisdom. She always has something wise to say, and she always manages to calm Geraldine down”. If You are wondering how? You must open this book and read it from start to end.

It’s always a great bonding moment for me and my kids to read books. When I read them the story of Geraldine the Giraffe who always cried, I’m surprised to hear their words of wisdom. They specifically told me that being a crybaby was normal to kids, but as they got older, they learned that crying wasn’t the solution to anything bad that happened to them. My eldest son, Adam, said, he was like the giraffe when he was younger. He always cried when he didn’t get what he wanted. He cried when someone else said something about his clothes. Much like Geraldine. My kid totally related with her, In the end, my son learned that crying can be replaced by laughter, by winning new friends, by spending time with those who make you happy and appreciated. After our discussion, I asked them, why did you think the giraffe cried? Both my sons said, “We don’t have any idea… Because we always cry, too! But when we are with you, Mom, we forget why we even cried at all!”

I agree with what the author said about this book: “This wonderful bed time story will inspire your kids to express their feelings and see how they can understand and deal with upsetting situations.”

Four thumbs up (from my 2 boys) for the author. Anat Umansky, for a job well done! 🙂

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